Brazilian Poultry Farming

With over 150 countries in its export list, Brazil is one of the leading chicken manufacturers and exporters in the world. One third of the total chicken produced in the country make up the Brazil poultry exports. As of 2016, Brazilian chicken companies exported an astounding 4 million tons of chicken to all the countries it serves.

Brazilian chicken companies produce over 12 million tons of chicken every year. The technological advancements in the field of genetics have helped Brazil to not only meet it targets but also aspire for more daring targets for the upcoming years.

The supply chain is composed of dozens of agribusinesses which are spread in the regions known for European and Asian colonies.

Brazilian chicken manufacturers also have major egg production centres. The city of Bastos in Brazil is one of the greatest producers of eggs in the world helping the brazil poultry exports reach new heights.

It’s because of the combined efforts of the components in the supply chain and their collaborative work towards a common goal that has led Brazil to this glory.

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