History of Brazilian Chicken

The Brazilian chicken is a team of 100 thousand direct employees and over 3.6 million direct and indirect employees nationwide. We are a family of dedicated people, and our global mission is to bring a smile to our customers’ face every day by putting healthy and fresh chicken on their table.

We started with just two brands Sadia and Perdigão. They still are with us and have grown to be the giants in their field. Along with them we have 28 other brands that we supply to. All of these brands are the ones who put the chicken on our customers’ table.

The further most important part in our success is played by the integrators, over 13 thousand integrated producers and over 30 thousand suppliers who cater to our wide consumer base of more than 240 thousand worldwide.

Our products have been able to complement the local market which helped us build long lasting relationships with our importers and reach out to new countries too.

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