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The Glory

They say when you order an imported chicken there is a 38% chance that it’s a Brazilian chicken. Over the course of years, the Brazil chicken exporters have been able to not only serve the current countries but also cater to the growing demand of the world. The credit goes to thousands of agribusiness who collectively produce a staggering amount of healthy Brazilian chicken and also to the relentless efforts of the Brazil chicken exporters to cater to the growing need of world. Not to forget the Brazilian halal chicken suppliers who provide halal chicken to the customers honouring the law of halal.

Best Halal Chicken

In the grand list of over a 150 countries where the Brazilian chicken is exported there are a handful of Islamic and Jewish states that follow the law of halal. It wouldn’t be called serving if we don’t adhere to the religious beliefs of our customers. Hence our halal chicken suppliers make sure that the chickens go through the process described in the religious text. This is the reason behind the success of the Brazilian halal chicken suppliers.

Buyers Directives


The industry has but one goal, to provide healthy chicken and promote health and happiness around the world; also with adherence shown to the religious beliefs of our customers by our halal chicken suppliers. However, not all the chicken that is produced is exported. Brazil’s chicken production in 2016 reached to an astounding 13.4 million tons of which 66% stayed home. It was necessary because Brazil is one of the top chicken consumers in the world with the per capita consumption of 41.8 Kg, which needs to be met.

Did You Know…

Did you know that chicken meat production has less impact on the soil??



Poultry Industry

Reduced Carbon Footprint and Quality Insurance
Chicken production itself reduces the carbon footprint significantly. It takes smaller pastures as compared to the other

The Sustainable Model
Brazil is the leading exporter of chicken and caters to more than 150 countries around the world. As of 2016, Brazil exported nearly 4 million tons of chicken.

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