Welcome Europe Pork

In the late 1970s, Former Joe’s Chicken started BBQ chicken Shop to serve customers with crispy yummy chicken. With the increase in demand, we enter in both raw and cooked poultry business and later get settled to Mascot.

We come into being with an aim to offer fresh, clean and high-quality chicken meat. We are in this business from 30 years now and have served restaurants, hotels, government institutes, retail outlets and other venues all over Europe.

We take care of everything from farming to the packing of meat. All the chickens are raised naturally with no gestation pens, no growth promotants and no antibiotics. They are completely on vegetarian feed. We maintain good quality and understand that chicken’s health can directly affect your customers’ health.

To know more about our products, you can visit our other pages. We are always ready to serve you. Call us for order now!